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Wednesday, March 16th 2005

8:46 AM

Shiver shiver

spring sure is fickle!

we had a hard frost last night, so i carried all the pots in, and covered tender plants, and then harvested my blooming poppies. I didn't want to lose them.

I've tinctured up two quarts, and will dry some.  Going to make an ointment with the roots, which are topically anti microbial.

I've rubbed my cold feet with a warming oil of cayenne, ginger and mustard *tingle*

and will be off on my way soon, hopefully not TOO cold!


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Posted by Rose:

I really love your blog! It makes me wanna go out in my own garden! I don't know the general area where you are located but I'm in the northeast just outside of Philadelphia in Montgomery County and you are definitely right about the "fickleness" of spring!
Sunday, April 3rd 2005 @ 6:42 PM